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Lisbon is a great tourist destination. There are several beaches and attractions here that tug at the heartstrings of the holiday crowd. People love spending their vacations here. Since Lisbon is a vibrant city and also the capital of Portugal, it has a number of facilities available for the tourists. Moreover, they city has a very moderate climate and the weather remains beautiful all day long. This is the reason why tourists flock to the city throughout the year. Ample accommodation is available for the tourists coming to Lisbon as well. There are serviced apartments on offer that can be rented for an affordable price. 

5 Main Serviced Apartment Offering in the Lisbon Area

Lisbon has various serviced apartment offerings that provide you great accommodation. They are equipped with all the facilities and amenities that you would like to have in the place you are staying during your holiday. The following are some of the best serviced apartment offerings in and around the Lisbon area.


City Stays Principe Real Apartments

The City Stays Principe Real Apartments is a modern and stylish apartment offering which is located in central Lisbon. You will find two bedrooms in each apartment which also has a furnished kitchen, a living room and a bathroom. These apartments have free Wi-Fi to keep you connected to the internet during your stay. The apartments are bright and have a very modern decor. The best feature of these apartments is that they are not far away from the city centre. It is an ideal apartment offering for families and couples alike. Even if you are in Lisbon for business purposes, you will find these apartments perfect for your accommodation. 

Browns Boutique Hotel & Apartments

Browns Boutique Hotel & Apartments is another excellent serviced apartment offering you will find in Lisbon. It is located very near from the city centre and provides tourists the chance to find transportation services like trains and metro stations within a few hundred meters. The apartments have free Wi-Fi and a furnished kitchen as well as air conditioning available. You will find a flat screen television in the lounge and a marble bathroom in the Browns Boutique Hotel & Apartments too.




City Stays Chiado Apartments

The City Stays Chiado Apartments is a great apartment offering located in the Chiado district of Lisbon. These apartments have a great location and are located not very far from the best restaurants, bars and public transport of the city. The amenities that are available in each of these apartments include a flat screen TV, free Wi-Fi, DVD, washing machine, coffee machine, microwave, oven, dishwasher and refrigerator. All of these facilities make these apartments the ideal accommodation destination for you in Lisbon.

Lisbon Style

Lisbon Style is one of the most luxurious of all the apartment offerings you will find in Lisbon. Although these apartments are available for a premium price, they provide a whole host of amenities and facilities that you won’t find anywhere else. From free Wi-Fi to a well-furnished kitchen, you will get everything you can imagine from a five-star apartment building in Lisbon Style. Another great feature of these apartments is that you will have access to all the great shops, bars and restaurants. You can walk to the best night clubs in Lisbon from your apartment.   




City Stays Cais do Sodre

City Stays Cais do Sodre us yet another apartment offering that is ideal for accommodation purposes for tourists and vacationers. The location of these apartments is such that you will have no trouble in reaching any part of the city from there. With public transport available not so far from this apartment building, you can go to the best malls and shops in Lisbon without encountering any trouble whatsoever. Moreover, all of the apartments in the City Stays Cais do Sodre are fully furnished and have a modern kitchen and free Wi-Fi. The apartments themselves are quite comfortable too.

Concierge Services Available in Lisbon

Lisbon attracts a number of tourists to its shores each year. If you want to ensure that you get the best accommodation in the city and get to reach the popular destinations on time then you must make use of a concierge service. They are going to help you in finding the best flats and apartments which are available for an affordable price too. There are plenty of such services plying their trade in Lisbon.

The following are among some of the best concierge services that are available in Lisbon.

•    One Concierge
•    The Lisbon Concierge
•    Concierge Etcetera
•    Kaza Care


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