Dreaming of your perfect home? Thinking of unforgettable vacations in Europe? Wondering where you can find a prosper life under the sun, a quite place to raise your children or retire, a new adventure? Well here's the answer! Welcome to Move and Stay, your top site for serviced apartments in Lisbon, Portugal. Yes, serviced! That means all our apartments have everything you need to move in. You don't have to worry about paperwork or getting services for your new home, the first moment you step in you can relax and start enjoying your time in Portugal!



Why staying at Portugal?


Fantastic weather

Quiet life

Portugal has one of the nicest weathers in Europe. We are close to the Mediterranean area, so we enjoy sunny days, mild climate and a very short rainy season. You will get used to walking outside, meeting new people, staying on the quiet streets and enjoying the fantastic scenario. If you love life outdoors, and the sun cheers you up, then Portugal is the perfect place for you! Portugal is a paradise of tranquility and peace. Aside from one or two major cities, the many towns among the mountains or along the shore are very quiet and low key. You can relax, say goodbye to the stressful life of many UK cities, and find yourself in Portugal. Your children will grow happy and you will enjoy the peaceful life only Portugal can offer.

Monetary ease

Nice people

Did you know many Britons move to Portugal looking for a job? It can be difficult to find one in the UK, even if you are a qualified professional. However, chances in Portugal are much higher. Also, taxes and prices here are a bit lower than in the UK, so you will have an easier life, especially if you enjoy an UK rental or pension. Yet another reason to relax and enjoy the pacific life you will find here! The Portuguese are very underrated as one of the nicest people you will find in Europe. They share historic and cultural links with the Spanish, Italians and, of course, Brazilians! All happy countries with very warm, very welcoming people. Life in Portugal can be a lot ot fun and you will easily make friends here. We are very open and will be glad to have you here with us!


Not sure yet? Try coming over for a holiday!

One of the best pro tips you will find when considering moving abroad is to first try it out by staying for a short time, usually holidays. That way, you can really see whether or not you like the place and the people, and if you see yourself living there for a longer period of time. 

Good news for you is that Move and Stay does not only offer serviced apartments for long term rental, but also short term and holiday rental! So jump on a plane and give Portugal a chance. You won't regret spending a while in one of the most beautiful and welcoming countries in all the European Union! Contact us to find more about holiday rentals in Portugal with Move and Stay!

Welcome to a place in the sun.


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You have to live it to believe it!

Karen Walsh,

"We had a fantastic time at our apartment. We booked through Move and Stay and the whole process was quick and seamless. The perfect way to start a perfect holiday. The kids were overly enthusiastic and so were we!"

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Paul Johnson,

"Move and Stay is just amazing. You wouldn't believe how many apartments they have in Portugal. We spend a whole afternoon just picking! And the result was great. Now I love Portugal simply thanks to these guys."

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Daniel Chauney,

"The service at Move and Stay was unbelievable. Moving abroad is really stressing, so finding a company that makes everything easier and flowing is the best thing that could ever happen to you. We are so grateful it worked so well."

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